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Our PPC Management

We deliver powerful, cost-efficient PPC services that can help you generate more revenue from the potential customers.

— 01 Customizable Reporting

We understand you want to know what is happening with your ad spend, that’s why our campaigns have customizable reporting based on the numbers that matter.

— 02 Big Data

Because we manage millions in advertising spend, we have the data & reporting to make stronger educated marketing decisions

— 03 Conversion Tracking

Cross-Device, Cross-Platform conversion tracking to understand exactly where a sale or lead came from. Better conversion tracking allows us to make better-educated decisions.

— 04 Transparency & Commitment

We're dedicated to the success of your campaigns, which is why we send interactive, organized reports weekly, as well as make regular calls to discuss ongoing strategy. We do our best to make our partnership a success story.

— 05 Teamwork

We’re the only PPC management company that respects your business needs more than our PPC management processes. Because you know your business better than we do, we collaborate with clients to create the best-performing ads.

— 06 ROI Focused

We focus on return on investment, Using a ROAS (Return on advertising spend) model to constantly improve your ROI over time. We respect the budget we're managing on your behalf. Our efforts affect your profit, so we take this responsibility very seriously to deliver the best performing ads so you can achieve maximum ROI.

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Most Effective Process

We ensure that all the campaigns we develop meet the business objectives of our clients.

Account Setup /Restructure

Whether you already have an Ads account, or need one setup, we've got you covered. We offer audits for existing accounts and topically-structured builds around your products & services.

Keyword & Topic Analysis

Keyword research has evolved from the days of plug-and-play bidding. We use a holistic approach to identify what visitors are searching regardless of their position in the buying cycle.

Creative Development

When rolling out your new or revamped account, we'll write ad copy that's on point with your brand's voice & tone as well as display ads that resonate with prospective customers.

Bid & Budget Management

A paid search account isn't something you can put on auto-pilot. Our specialists manage keyword bids and campaign budgets multiple times per week to get the most for your ad spend.

Landing Page Optimizations

When bidding on search terms valuable to your brand, it's critical to have landing pages relevant to what the visitor searched for. We develop & optimize pages that resonate.

Online Display

Paid media isn't just search. Display ads can go a long way to increasing brand recognition. Through third-party ad networks or Google, we create remarketing & display campaigns that work.

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