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Influencers-Marketing Touchpoint

We ensure to find the perfect influencers to match you with the right network that resonate with your target market. One thing to keep in mind is that no matter on which platform you want to set up your campaign, as the count of influencers followers increases, so does their price, but it also depends on what type of influencer they are.


While Instagram is the second largest website on social media (Facebook is No. 1), the engagement rate is almost double the amount of interaction. Instagram influencers tend to have a more avid following making this an even more influential choice.


The first step in your campaign journey should be to find a relevant influencer. One big thing not to miss though is influencers who like posts that you put out on the Twittersphere. Those you don’t want to lose as they’re your warm leads. To give an extra edge, we have the resources to capture those influencers.


Influencer Marketing on Facebook works much like all of the other social media platforms; the News Feed will tend to regularly steer viewership away from brands and point content towards users.This pushes the need for influencer marketing and with the ‘boost’ feature, granting you even greater exposure.

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Our Creative Process

We help brands tap into a 2.7 billion gaming audience worldwide with the right marketing strategies

We Find Your Storyteller

Our discovery team breaks down influencers by reach, demographics, and more. So no matter what the goal, we will find the right influencer/partner for you.

Create Content

Whether your campaign requires a high impact photo or fully baked video, we execute and deliver on your vision.

Understand the Impact

Once your campaign goes live, we don’t rest. We monitor it in real-time & optimise for maximum impact and then provide you detailed report.

Discover Your Match

Our expert marketing team actively listens across all social channels, leveraging 65+ data segments and key word analysis across 1+ billion events.

We Manage Campaigns

From start to finish, use our service to execute your branded content. Our management team can help you to seamlessly execute & collaborate.

Measure Success

We go beyond vanity metrics because we understand what attribution really means to online marketers.

Ready To Get Real Business Results Through Influencers?

Get in touch with our team and start your journey today!



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